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All 8 B vitamins in sustained release delivery form to support stress, energy, and a healthy metabolism.


Water-soluble and always present in foods in a group, B-complex vitamins perform interrelated functions that are crucial to helping the body transform the food we eat into the energy we need to live. Super-B provides 8 members of the B-vitamin “family” in balanced ratios as they occur naturally in whole foods.


B vitamins promote the active conversion of food into energy and assist in synthesis and reenergizing of cells and tissues throughout the body. B vitamins support healthy neuronal functioning and assist with healthy mood and mental clarity.*


NeoLife begins with nutritional yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), and through unique processes of growth, harvest and drying, B vitamins are "biologically bound" to create a natural hi-potency B-complex raw material. Ingredients blended with liver and soy lecithin provide the entire family of B vitamins in balanced whole food ratios. NeoLife's Threshold Controlled formula helpes maintain elevated blood levels of B vitamins with a slow release over six hours.


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. 

Super B Threshold Controlled

SKU: 3321
  • Promotes the active conversion of all food into energy and assists in synthesis and reenergizing of cells and tissues throughout the body.

    • Threshold controlled for sustained release of nutrients
    • Perfect balance of all 8 B vitamins, plus inositol and choline
    • Lipotropic factors and heart-healthy nutrients
    • Unique whole-food source
    • High potency – for optimum metabolic support
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